Re-Gain Conservatory Solutions

7 years ago with an expanding family we like most were in desperate need for more living space but could not afford a costly extension. Our thoughts turned to the little used cold storage space hogging our garden also known as the conservatory. It was unbearably cold in the winter and the heat in the summer hit you from the minute you stepped through the front door! The conservatory is located off the kitchen and has become the hub of our home. Even though it is south facing the temperature remains even throughout the summer providing a fantastic playroom.

All year round we are able to relax on the sofa until bed time and on christmas day we open our presents around the christmas tree in the conservatory in the early hours of the morning. After many years spent installing the system for family and friends followed by word of mouth we have decided to offer the service nationwide. We trade on our reputation and our ethos is not hard sell, we will quote you honestly and at the best price.